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cyber industrial networks

Your industrial networks and control systems are complex.


Make them reliable and secure so you can achieve your production targets.

Integrate engineering, OT and IT 

What makes us different is that our experience in industrial control systems, PLC programming, commissioning,  and network infrastructure enables us to be the bridge between IT and OT

Industrial Networks

We specialise in all elements of industrial control systems and the networks that make them secure and reliable. We offer services from consulting services through to implementation  and support

Audit, inspect and report

Don't know where to start or how to achieve your business outcomes? We can advise through audits, inspections and reports to provide a framework for targeted investment in your systems

Functional Safety

Functional safety and Cybersecurity are intertwined at a standards level. We pride ourselves on being specialists in both.

Industrial Automation System Architecture

Industrial networks are the foundation for the compute, storage and desktop platforms needed for a complete control system implementation. We specialise in building networks that come from understanding of the control system requirements

On site Services

Your networks and control systems are onsite, so we will be to. Our team is experienced in onsite delivery of our services, across multiple industries

Project Management

Successful delivery of our solutions requires Project Management. Our Team are experienced and qualified in this discipline

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Don't let organic industrial system growth limit system expansion, reliability or security

As the possibilities for gathering data from all layers of your control system have grown, so have the number of devices attached to the industrial network. With this comes size and complexity that, sooner or later, causes reliability, scalability or security issues.

The most common issues with encounter with industrial networks are:

- Out of Address space, or worse, multiple non-contiguous subnets are used

- no natural segmentation

- large, flat network

- Layer 2 redundancy issues with Spanning Tree

- Network Convergence time is too slow to keep up with the Control system requirements, resulting in drop outs of critical devices like VSD's and IO

We specialise in addressing these issues without undesirable down time to production equipment

We Take Pride in Our Numbers

We are proud partners with technology leaders


Years of Experience


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10 +

International Experience

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Any of this sound familiar?We can help

We standby our reputation for understanding industrial networks and cyber security.

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