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cyber industrial networks proud to be appointed Rajant Kinetic Mesh Associate

cyber industrial networks is proud to announce that we have been appointed a Rajant Kinetic Mesh Associate. We are delighted to be able to offer Rajant Kinetic Mesh technology for highly reliable networks where mobility, scalability and performance are essential.

Rajant has a long history of building highly reliable radio networks with equipment fielded in Industrial, emergency response and military applications where constant, realtime commiunications is required. Rajant Kinetic Mesh is enabled by the InstaMesh protocol, which dynamically manages radio paths to ensure that a better path is established before dropping the old one. Most radio network aapplicances use a break-before-make approach, resulting in packet loss. Rajant’s InstaMesh avoids this with its make-make-make-never-break approach to radio path selection.

Read more on the Rajant website or contact us to discuss a solution that might work for you.

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